Angela Valid - Angela Valid [WiW007 12"]

Recorded in one live session one London afternoon last year, Angela Valid is three tracks of atmospheric hogo, groove dungeons and vast humid sound deltas, their third release on WiW.
"It's like the soundtrack to some post-apocalyptic rag-and-bone man, trading tin cans for human souls" (Norman Records).
"Who knows, in 50 years' time, maybe young musicians will deliberately choose to sound just like this" (The Wire).

Out Sept 19th 2011

1. The Wet Canvas Technique
2. Heavy Coubro
3. Well here we all are

Dean McPhee / Chapters - Split 7" [WiW006 7"]

World in Winter are pleased to present their next 7” split single, featuring the latest track from melodic experimentalists Chapters and introducing the debut release from the brilliant Dean McPhee, solo guitarist and psyche-folk-drone merchant extraordinaire. The split kicks off 2009 for the World in Winter stable.

Out Jan/Feb 2009.

1. Dean McPhee -

2. Chapters -
The Whiteness of the Whale

Hotplate - Elephas [WiW005 CD]

Elephas showcases seven new tracks, beginning with the delicate finger-picking of ‘A Father’s Grip’, before exploring new depths with the epic ‘Requiem’ - recorded live at the Red Deer Club last November – and developing the Hotplate sound into the playful melodies of ‘Sandy-Haired Girl’ and ‘The Drink, The Sound, The Sea'.

Out 17/09/07

1. A Father's Grip
2. Going to Bill's
3. Requiem for L. Lawson
4. Blackheart Blues (A Sea Shanty)
5. Royal Oak
6. The Drink The Sound The Sea/Elephas
7. Sandy-Haired Girl

Chapters - EP1 [WiW004 CD]

Old school friends Mike Brooks, James Rutledge (Pedro) and Jimmy Wright (ex DOT) unite plenty of disparate sounds on this first EP outing. Pulling the sweet 60s thrums of Van Dyke Parks into a beguiling mix of guitar skronk, kraut folk and industrial steam trains, they create a wholesome and original record.

"a bonny release and no mistake" - Small Fish

Out 23/07/07

1. Intro
2. Tenon
3. The Last Days of Steam
4. Light Lay Down
5. All That Mighty Heart
6. Before We Go

Angela Valid - This Book's on Fire [WiW003 CD]

"Bristling with overloaded circuits, clattering percussion and murky layers of meandering melodic progression piled on top of electronic squiggles and musical echoes, this EP meanders through its 33 minute duration in a very pleasant fashion, occasionally turning your ear with a particularly inventive idea or sound. Nicely restrained, it never threatens to overload your stereo with any kind of bombast or noise assault, and even in its most minimal moments the band sounds confident and assured." - Diskant

1. This Book's on Fire
2. Terry's Incantation
3. Ocean Ceiling
4. and a joy of shapes to come

Hotplate - Hotplate [WiW002 7"]

Iain Chambers conjures a sound along the Robbie Basho/ Ben Chasny axis. The two tracks give a good introduction to the Hotplate sound, with the aggressive Dance of (DJ) Hotplate complementing the laidback and thoughtful folk riffs of Porthtowan.

"an enviably shimmering slide technique and a nice aggressive undercurrent.” - The Wire

Out Now

1. The Dance of (D.J) Hotplate
2. Porthtowan

Angela Valid/Ashbourne's Strongest Man - Split 7" [WiW001 7"]

This limited release split 7" single is the first release from World in Winter and showcases two bands of differing experimental styles, Angela Valid and Ashbourne’s Strongest Man.

“A good one to listen to as the snow falls in the darkness outside” - The Wire

Out Now

1. Angela Valid -
Beaks and Beer Cans

2. Ashbourne's Strongest Man -
Different People Hear Different Things